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Nothing is more important than exposing your children to new ideas and experiences, and preparing them for the challenges that life holds. That's why with 12 universities, 13 community college campuses, and 481 private and public schools, Nova Scotia is proud to be Canada's Education Province.

We are committed to excellence, and offer everyone from first time readers to mature students innumerable educational opportunities. In fact, Nova Scotia recently embarked on a bold new educational course. Developed in collaboration with hundreds of partners, Learning for Life is designed to help students from primary to grade 12 make the most of their school experience.

Early Childhood Education and Childcare

Child Care Connections Nova Scotia
Services for children with special needs

Elementary, Middle and High School System

Public schools and school districts.

Universities and Colleges

Atlantic Universities
Nova Scotia Department of Education
Nova Scotia Community College

Apprentices and skills training

Nova Scotia Department of Education

Adult Learners

Nova Scotia Department of Education

Private Language Schools

Nova Scotia, Canada's Education Province

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