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Our Vision and Goals


A team of health providers who are educated and supported to deliver safe, quality, timely care to Nova Scotians.

Workforce Planning Innovation Sustainable Health Workforce

Goal 1:

To identify the right number, mix and distribution of health care providers and/or teams to meet population health needs.

Goal 2:

To ensure the health workforce is responsive to changes in health needs of the population and the health system and support the provision of care in a variety of delivery models and care settings.

Goal 3:

To create safe and supportive workplaces.


. Build necessary planning infrastructure to assess health needs and identify workforce supply and productivity measures;

. Enhance workforce information and data systems to support a needs-based planning process for the province;

. Determine the appropriate mix of health care providers to deliver care across practice settings and sectors.

. Enhance the capacity of district health authorities to engage in collaborative HHR planning and evaluation;

. Collaborate with researchers to ensure the best available evidence informs HHR planning and evaluation initiatives.


. Educate the health workforce to work in inter-professional teams and prepare health providers to work in unique service environments;

. Identify educational requirements to prepare health providers to meet identified needs.

. Strengthen partnerships among Department of Health, Department of Education, District Health Authorities, educational institutions, employers, unions and professional associations;

. Work with educational institutions to ensure educational curricula prepares trainees to work in a variety of work settings and practice environments;

. Work with employers, professional association and unions to ensure health care providers are able to deliver services to their full scope of practice.


. Increase the capacity of Nova Scotia's health system to recruit and retain health care providers;

. Increase the capacity of employers to address health and safety issues to reduce work-related violence, illness, injury, disability and absenteeism.

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