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The Health-care Team

Nova Scotia's health-care community is world class; the team's dedication, professionalism, integrity, and skills are second to none. Whether it's the warmth of our people, the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean, or the dynamic career opportunities, they've each chosen to practice in Nova Scotia for reasons personally and professionally important to them.

Tammy Medhi, Nurse, Cumberland Health Authority

On a personal note: I'm originally from Newfoundland so moving to Nova Scotia, from Vancouver, brought me closer to home. There were also more job opportunities for my husband, a computer programmer. The cost of living was another signficant factor. Here we can own our own home. In Vancouver, that dream was not attainable.

On a professional note: When we first moved here, I worked at Capital Health in Halifax. This was one of the best positions I've ever had. I really liked the flexibility in terms of scheduling, and there were a lot of educational opportunities which we were encouraged to take advantage of. Now I'm moving to Amherst and looking forward to another important step forward in my career.

Some helpful advice: Don't hesitate to ask questions of prospective employers. A lot of times you will be surprised with what they are prepared to offer. There are always ways to work things out.

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