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Annapolis Valley Healt District
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Annapolis Valley Health

Healthy people, caring communities and valued health-care teams & partners.

Rolling hills, fertile valleys and breathtaking ocean vistas, the Annapolis Valley is home to Annapolis Valley Health and some of the world's most awe inspiring scenery. Our health-care facilities include Valley Regional Hospital, Soldiers Memorial Hospital, as well as Annapolis Community Health Centre, Western Kings Memorial Health Centre, and Eastern Kings Memorial Community Health Centre.

Annapolis Valley Health is committed to its staff and the people they help. Our focus is on client-centered health services, partnerships and continuous learning. We're also deeply committed to delivering exceptional work environments. In our ongoing efforts to meet the health-care needs of our residents and give our staff they right tools, we have begun an $11 million redevelopment project that includes initiatives to make better use of our spaces and a complete renovation of the emergency room.

Our Vision

Healthy people, caring communities, valued healthcare teams and partners.

Our Values


Our decisions and actions reflect our commitment to accepted ethical and professional conduct. We work to ensure that our conduct earns the support and trust of all segments of the public that we serve.


We make rational, informed decisions based on evidence and we are accountable for our actions and effective sustainable management of resources.


We are committed to working in ways that promote dignity, fairness and respect.


We work together with our communities and other partners to achieve improved services and healthier communities.

Continuous Improvement.

We are committed to quality and evaluation.


We seek opportunities to evaluate, change, grow and improve by fostering learning, inquiry and discovery.

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